Adventure recap 6/14/13

Game Recap for 6/16/13: The Annexing of Drelev.

The game session started where the last one ended. The group had just killed the wizard and were surrounded by the troops of Drelev. Everyone went inside, a suitable area was secured, and the talking commenced. (Oh Liestra and Astor, you should have been there.) The Baroness raised a cup and openly thanked the group, Lady Maray, and the guards for their heroism, and actions, to which Gunnar replied, “SHUT UP WOMAN!” And basically told her she was just as bad as her dead husband, but the discussion was cut short as the Baroness, and Lady Maray keeled over turning purple and frothing at the mouth. Lady Maray appeared less afflicted and was still breathing, the Baroness was still as death. People rushed forward to help, but little did they know the second part of the plan was executed as the baroness’s weight left the seat, setting off the charge which exploded into a claymore of flying debris. Killing many people, including, sadly enough, Lord Numesti, the rescued lord from the dungeons. Part of his head was missing, and the group was only able to find most of the Baroness.

Though chaos was abound, Eiger was able to maintain clear thinking, though the fever of the deathly chills still affected him, and he was able to stabalize the lady Maray. The group set about tending to the injured, and when everyone was tucked in safely and there was nothing else to be done, did the group allow themselves some rest. (At least some of them did.)

Eiger went looking for some ingredients to make a concoction to help with his fever, it was suggested that he look in the wizards rooms. A house steward escorted him first to the library, where Eiger made some interesting discoveries.
1) Notes for Imeckus outlined how he had trained the black puddings in the secret passage through pain inducing techniques to ignore anyone wearing skunk musk, of which two vials were found on the desk.
2) Notes outlining his ideas for using black puddings in hand thrown grenade type weapons. Many models and modifications were outlined, with two of the newest designs loaded and ready for use on the desk.
3) A map showing the whole Hooktongue Slough, and more importantly the current location of the barbarian tribe as well as an outline of the legend of, “The Twice Born Warlord.”
4) A letter from the lord of Pitax to Imeckus requesting a status report on how things are advancing at Fort Drelev.
5) A letter from Imeckus to the lord of Pitax, stating that he had the Baron and most of the leaders under his control, and with just a little more time, perhaps a week, he would have everyone under control doing his bidding.
6) The name Lintwerth is written in the margin numerous times assoiciated with all kinds of notes, leading Eiger to believe that he must be Imeckus’s assistant.

Suddenly Eiger hears the sound of walking, he sees the latch on the window spring open and then the window flies open with a gust of wind. Gunnar rushes into the room stating that the corpse of Imeckus is gone. Eiger looks at Gunnar and then the window and says, “I think he just jumped out.” Barabus walks into the room, tosses a book to Gunnar and proceeds to jump out of the window.

Gunnar looks at the book, “Lineage of the family Drelev.” A bookmarked page is turned to, and there under Baron Drelev’s name is the name of his bastard daughter, Lady Quintessa Maray, it appears the man was raping his own daughter, and worse off, he knew it. The bookmark turns out to be a written letter from Lady Maray’s mother, as a letter of introduction, giving the feeling that Quintessa did not know the Baron was her father, and that she was being sent to him, “as discussed.”, “It is time you got to know her.” Gunnar drops the book, walks down, grabs the corpse of the Baron and drags him out into the open courtyard. He rounds up four horses and proceeds to tie each limb to a horse. Barabus returns to see this, and lets Gunnar know that a journal up in the Barons room, supports the fact that he was, “not himself.” and that he was being controlled by someone, Imeckus?? Gunnar acknowledges him before spooking the horses and listens to the sickening popping sounds of the Baron being ripped apart.

Barabus looks around, “Where is Shun-sui”? Turns out a group of barbarians had run for it, with hopes of warning their lord Armag. Shun-sui makes a game out of hunting them down, toying with them, taking his time, enjoying the warmth of the blood.

Barabus and Gunnar return to Eiger, to find him babbling, 20% of 80% of what I am saying, is only 54% right. The fever is back. Gunnar escorts Eiger back to the Velvet Corner to his room to sleep. He acquires some female companionship for him, and Eiger agrees to take a substandard preparation to help with the illness. Gunnar turns to leave but Satinder redirects him to an out of the way room, and in the closest she shows him a man bound and gagged hanging from his arms.

“This man admitted to having something to do with the chair blowing up. He was seeking refuge here and wanted help getting out of town. I thought perhaps you could help him with that?” Gunnar asks her to hold on to him for a little bit and he will be back for him. He also asks her to spread word to everyone, especially the common folk, that there will be a large banquet breakfast at the keep in the morning for the entire town, and that all of their concerns will be addressed and put to rest. The baron and baroness are dead.

Gunnar spends the rest of the early morning hours, making preparations for the feast. Shun-sui returns, covered in blood at first light, speaks with Gunnar and then heads off for a few hours of sleep.

At first light, starting with the starving street children, they start to appear at the keep. When they figure out it is not a trick, more come, and very soon a large banquet is underway. People are relaxing, talking, and showing signs of hope. Gunnar turns over a cart and some crates and makes a make shift stand. Liestra, Gunnar and Lady Marray stand upon it to address the crowd.

“The Baron and Baroness are dead. YOU ARE FREE!! The minions of Pitax, and the barbarians chased from your homes. The town is yours again. Lady Marray, daughter of Baron Drelev, is rightful heir, and next in line to rule this region. She is new, and untested in these matters. What say you, shall you become part of Stagfell, or shall you fight and grow on your own, with Stagfell as ally?” Moans and groans for both arguments come from the crowd, eventually it is an old timer who steps forth and states that all people, from north or south, can not argue the succession of a rightful heir. She should be allowed her chance to rule. Lady Marray raises a hand and steps forth, with words of encouragement from Gunnar, she speaks, and makes a bold decision. “I say, we have both. I do not know what type of leader I shall be, I will do my best to be just and fair, but I feel in my heart and my bones, that our fidelity should lay with that of Stagfell. Under her guidance may I be just and fair.” With that said, she turns and kneels before Liestra and Gunnar. Gunnar steps back so only Liestra and Lady Maray remain upon the dias. Liestra leans forward, whispers something in her ear, and the both stand and wave at the gathered people. A roar of approval spreads through those gathered.

What exactly is said, we can roleplay out…Astor and Liestra are left behind in Drelev with instructions to follow the group before the day is out and to catch them before they reach the encampment of the barbarians. Liestra is left to speak with Lady Maray, and Astor…perhaps you remember that man tied up in the closet of the Velvet Corner. Well the group did go back to speak to him, but he was not very open mouthed, and protective of his secrets. They did get out of him that his name was Fred, which turned out to be really be……. He also let slip that, “Daggermark was the key.” He is demanding his life and freedom for information, that is guaranteed to “blow your minds.” In the end, the group decided that leaving you to talk to him for a little while alone, might be….beneficial..insert evil grin

The group left that morning, and made their way toward the barbarian encampment. They have scouted it, and now await you, a 1/4 mile out from the camp, so that Gunnar can challenge the leader to solo combat. cough bad mistake cough

Game ended here.

Double Penetration, Game recap from 6/2/13.

Game Recap (of sorts) 6/2/13: Double Penetration with a touch of Asphyxiation.

A plan is made to infiltrate the fort during Baroness Pavetta Stroon-Drelev’s birthday party. Gunnar will go as Satinder Mourne’s companion. When asked how he wanted to be addressed, he replied, it doesn’t matter. He should have guessed something fun would happen by the way she smirked.

At the door he was introduced as Jesep Mourne, Santinder’s brother. It is implied, and assumed by many, that he is “in the family business.” He soon gets the attention of the Baroness and is asked to be her birthday present and is escorted to a private room to await her, he asks for a bath to be drawn and food and drink are provided.

While this is going on, Barabus makes his way to the secret tunnel and starts to penetrate, errrr, infiltrate the keep. Finding the remains of the guards and their prostitute diversions, he goes into super stealth mode, and soon finds and has to deal with a family of black puddings. He leads them out of the tunnels and luckily Shun-Sui is there, and is able to kite them away, and cause a fight between the black puddings and the patrolling giants. Chaos ensues, and in the process most of the contingent of giants are dealt with. While Shun-Sui is dealing the puddings above ground, Barabus uses a summoned fire elemental to stall the puddings below ground. With the aid of a second larger fire elemental from Shun-Sui, the black puddings are able to be passed. Barabus makes his way into the keep.

After picking some locks, and by picking I mean blowing the shit out of, he is able to get into the keep proper, and soon discovers the cell holding, Lord Numesti. He is in poor condition, and Barabus decides it best to leave him there, with promises of a return. He uses invisibility and makes his way to the upper most reaches of the tower where he discovers a half naked Gunnar preparing to take a bath?? WTF?

After a quick meeting of the minds, Gunnar informs Barabus that he has discovered the lady Quintessa Maray tied up in the next room and that after he questioned her, he choked her to unconsciousness, because she was obviously a liar!!! Barabus decides to use his portable hole as a bunker and places it under the Lady Maray’s bed, to await the Baron so that he can murder him, leaving Gunnar to contend with the Baroness.

Liestra is contacted by Saif, stating that he believes that her brother might be compromised. It is hard to explain but the connections have been severed and things have felt, “off”. After some verification of Astor, by some well placed history questions, Astor is believed to be himself, and he and Saif are able to talk.

An assissination attempt on Saif a few nights ago by “our old friend”. People are on the move, things are getting frantic in the city. People are returning to their homes, should he go deeper? He is worried that something wicked is happening, some evil plot against Stagfell. He is told to delve deeper, but stay safe. They confirm plans for future nightly meetings, and the link is broke.

Not long after, the Baron walks through Lady Maray’s room and right into the room where Gunnar is and makes a proposal. “Kill my wife the baroness, escape down through the secret tunnel, kill the man in the cell down there, and you may keep the riches in a certain chest in the treasury, as well as this sack of gold”, which he tosses down on the table. A promise that Gunnar will not be hunted or found guilty of the crime is also included. After Gunnar gives a not so certain answer of yes, the Baron turns and leaves and heads back to his room, where he retrieves and item and then brings it back to the lady Maray’s room, where he begins to “use it on her, in a way that appears sexual.”

In the meantime, the baroness makes her entrance and makes a proposal to Gunnar. “Kill the Baron, leave through the secret tunnel. Leave the man in the cells below alive, but you may take some of the treasure, but most is needed to help rebuild the town. Do this and you will be a hero, you will not be hunted, no trial, and you will not be punished.” Gunnar wants to protect her so he chokes her to unconsciousness.

About this time Barabus pops out of the portable hole, and assassinates the Baron. He returns to Gunnar and see’s the choked out Baroness, WTF?? Picking up the unconscious lady Maray, and the unconscious Baroness, and by use of magic they jump from the upper most windows and float down into the wooded area below, where Shun-Sui is dealing with the last two giants. Laying the women down, they join the fray. Barabus is hurt, but they win the day.

As they are walking back to the women, a man appears from above, and makes a comment about his plans succeeding and unleashes magic into the group. Another fight ensues, but the group, though wounded, is able to pull through. Imeckus Stroon, the Baroness’s brother, appears to have been the master mind behind everything.

The keeps guards are able to surround the group, but a man steps forward. Brandon Riecher, he has served with Gunnar, a long time ago. He vouches for Gunnars integrity and honesty, and states that he should be entitled to be heard. The women awake, fearful of Gunnar, both with stories of how he CHOKED THEM

About this time Astor and Liestra are wondering how the party is going.

game ends here…

Journey into the Slough 5/19

Game Re-Cap for 5/19:

The game started with the group cleaning up after the battle of Tatzleford. The casualties and damages were minimal and the group gives aid to the recovery effort. Spirits are high considering the recent events.

Remembering - Excerpt from Gunnar's Journal
Drink this Heathens!

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I have helped to build this place. I have helped provide land and homes to the people. And you would try to take that away? So that you might rule as a despot?

Attack on Tatzlford 5/5/13

Game re-cap:

Game started out with paperwork shuffle. Getting everyone’s characters up to 10th level. Getting all the kingdom rolls done, ect. It was decided that everyone wanted about a year of down time, so the kingdom went through a years worth of up changes. During that time, Katt Woolfenden character was involved in a public scandal which involved selling secrets of the kingdom to someone from up North. The rumors were quickly squashed by some intimidation tactics from Gunnar, and I think some posters with his picture on it? In the end Katt decided to travel north with Steve for some “adventure” and a promise to return after she had seen some sights. An assassination attempt on Janel was easily thwarted, but evidence points to the assassin who had kidnapped Katt sometime ago when she was rescued at the old abandoned fort. Gunnar had returned to his old self and had taken the position as General back and was developing a standing army.

The group fell into a day to day routine, with unique classes being taught to the youth by Jester, which included live action role playing camp outs at old dungeons the group had cleared.

Then a message arrived:

Recap of Sorts 5/4/13
Recap 5/4/13

In the beginning, four groups are chartered by the Sword-Lords of Restov, to explore and potentially help settle the stolen lands.

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