Remembering - Excerpt from Gunnar's Journal

Drink this Heathens!

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I have helped to build this place. I have helped provide land and homes to the people. And you would try to take that away? So that you might rule as a despot?


These River Kingdoms are proving to be what I need. I came here to leave behind the man that was being created by the politics of the north. But now I know I have learned valuable lessons from my past. These people deserve a life of freedom and prosperity. If the foul and the wicked of the world wish to steal that from them I will stand in the way. I will take their life. I will take their pride. I will take from them everything that have built themselves up upon. Drink from my cup you heretics, drink until your gut aches. My cup is full of the blood of my enemies and crafted from their bones.
The aftermath of a small skirmish at Tazzlefort proceeded well. We had few dead, allowing for proper attention to their burial and services. The wounded tended to and the enemy scavenged and burned. Astor was able to perform the investigations he wanted and Shun-sui captured an enemy combatant. Astor still says cryptic things to me, as though I understand what he is trying to communicate in his cloaked speech and through his absurd magical ways. I can look at a man and tell you how he was killed, about how long ago, and by what means. He must dip his fingers in their blood and stare into it as though staring at the far away stars? Help me understand how the fuck that works…
The prisoner turned out to be a conscript. He knew Kisandra. They were with Ameon Trask’s skirmish force because of extortion, bullying, threats, ransom, and general fucking horseshit occurring back at Fort Drelev.
To outside perceptions, it would seem that Baron Hannis Drelev, his wife Pavetta Stroon, his mistress Quintessa, his brother in law Imacockus Imeckus and all the goat buggering mercenaries they have hired NEED TO BE STRUNG UP ON A GIBBET!
The swamp and lake are in the way. We will need to march around it. How convenient. This gives Loy the opportunity to ask us to do his leg-work for him. He wants a road to Wyvernstone Bridge. Your fellow human is being treated as an animal, and you want us to take the time to look into the possibility of a road to broaden your trade routes? Fat men are ugly on the inside. Unless it is an Inn Keep. Fat women are even uglier on the inside. Fine, we say. Sounds good we say. Thanks for taking the long view we say. Of course he can take the long view, we are here to support him.
It’s off to slay the baron, the wonderful baron of cowardly. He hides behind fortress walls and an entourage during the day, hill giant patrols at night, and letters, fucking letters, fucking ink on fucking paper, fucking words scratched out with the quill of a peacock! He gives lies with a smile to anyone knocking on his door. A ruler should care about the well being of his (or her, whatever Illestra…) people. They are not toys to be used in your own ends.
It was good to lead men in that fight. I never thought I would. I hope the wives and children who lost fathers grieve deeply and come out of the other side of that darkness stronger. I hope they live a full life. It will help to make the death mean something.
I look forward to meeting this Aramag. Twice-Born. Barbarians are a lost culture that has no place in these civilizations. He gathered a tribe to him not for his strength, or leadership, but because he promised them a piece of history. The heart of every man wants that.
But first, Terrion and the people of Drelev must be freed. The daughters rescued. The despots facing judgement.
We have things to consider, matters to weigh, and judgements to reach. But Shun-sui has time to play a game with tiny little tiny fucking rocks with a Naga rape victim named Sasha? Help me understand that…
Thanks to Astor, not Seif, Astor, we are within the town walls safely, in a manner that allows my companions to do what they need to so that citizens are not hurt needlessly. And if it were not for Kisandra, Sintander and I could share a night of passion and lust…


Love your outlook, intelligence and humor. Well written. I love seeing what points people focus in on from a game, and what stands out to them.


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