Journey into the Slough 5/19

Game Re-Cap for 5/19:

The game started with the group cleaning up after the battle of Tatzleford. The casualties and damages were minimal and the group gives aid to the recovery effort. Spirits are high considering the recent events.


Magic is used to discern some answers from the dead leader, Ameon Trask. Shin-Sui (spelling) is able to catch a fleeing member of the opposing army. Stephen Sekelik, he speaks of the tragedies of Drelev. The deaths, the murderous guards from Pitax, and Giants. His story is a confirmation of Kisandra’s. It turns out they know each other, and are some manner of friends. Between the two of them they are able to provide you a map of Fort Drelev and note some key locations. Most significant of which might be, “The Velvet Corner.” The brothel and gambling hall of Drelev. Kisandra gives the group a jade ring, and with instructions to pick any local long stemmed flower you are to thread it through the ring and present it to the owner of “The Velvet Corner”. This will allow Satinder Morne, a cleric of Calistria, to know that you are Kisandra’s friend.

Just before heading out the group is approached by Loy Rezbin, the mayor of Tatzlford, with a plan that he had been working on, and since you were heading that way anyway, could you please scout out the lands between Tatzleford and Wyvernstone Bridge? His plan is to build a road between the two to help increase trade flow. The group looks over the plan and agrees to take a look, and make notes during the trip.

The group sends word to the bard as she continues her travels in the north with Steve. Keeping her informed of their progress and wishing her safe travels and a speedy return.

Upon entering Hooktongue Slough, the group discovers a pit trap. Soon it is disovered that it belongs to Ssassha, a half Naga hunter. She claims that she is hunting goblins and mites in the region for bounty out of Olegs. After a brief discussion it is decided that she is doing no harm and the group continues on its journey with promises to look her up south of olegs when they have some time.

Scouting the path to Wyvernstone Bridge turns out to be rather dull except for the second to last night, when a large group of Willow Wisps are noted out of the Slough. Shin-Sui volunteers to investigate, casts water walk, and heads out over the water. After about half an hour of travel and search he comes across a corpse of a bogstrider. An intelligent race he had not heard of that looked like giant water strider bugs.

After finding the bridge the group faces its first big decision. Continue on to Drelev or go for the barbarians in hopes of rescuing the taken daughters. After some time Gunnar attempts to convince the group that he should go alone to the barbarians while they continued on to Drelev. When they refused he agreed to accompany them to Drelev. (Well played sir!)

On the outskirts of Drelev the group is directed to a wagon by Astor, which contains a shipment of alcohol for The Velvet Corner in Drelev. Spending the night so they can approach Drelev during morning hours the night passes peacefully.

The city gates the next morning prove to be only slightly difficult, and with a little charm and a little bribing the group is allowed to enter town. (Little do they know that Astor’s bickering kept prying eyes away from the rest of the group.) They make their way into town and to the Velvet Corner. They meet with Satinder, and are escorted to a safe house with in the brothel which had been arranged for them by Saif. Once inside and away from prying eyes the group presents the ring and flower to Satinder, she immediately becomes emotional, and the hard facade falls. She offers the group anything she can give.

After a day of scouting and considering their problems, Satinder also informs them of two possible options. She has an invitation to the birthday celebration for the barons wife. She also knows of a secret tunnel that runs from the main keep to outside just north of town.

Eiger though with the group had succumbed to an illness on the traveling to Drelev. He was able to keep up and not hinder the groups travel, but upon getting to town has been in bed sleeping since they arrived, waking only to take in food and water, or to expel it

Journey into the Slough 5/19

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