Attack on Tatzlford 5/5/13


Game re-cap:

Game started out with paperwork shuffle. Getting everyone’s characters up to 10th level. Getting all the kingdom rolls done, ect. It was decided that everyone wanted about a year of down time, so the kingdom went through a years worth of up changes. During that time, Katt Woolfenden character was involved in a public scandal which involved selling secrets of the kingdom to someone from up North. The rumors were quickly squashed by some intimidation tactics from Gunnar, and I think some posters with his picture on it? In the end Katt decided to travel north with Steve for some “adventure” and a promise to return after she had seen some sights. An assassination attempt on Janel was easily thwarted, but evidence points to the assassin who had kidnapped Katt sometime ago when she was rescued at the old abandoned fort. Gunnar had returned to his old self and had taken the position as General back and was developing a standing army.

The group fell into a day to day routine, with unique classes being taught to the youth by Jester, which included live action role playing camp outs at old dungeons the group had cleared.

Then a message arrived:


Greetings, my liege lords! Would that I had the opportunity to contact
you via missive in gentler times. Since its founding, Tatzlford has
faced many challenges, but recent rumors of a much more disturbing
sort abound. A woman has come to Tatzlford bearing warnings that, if
they are to be believed, indicate we may face a terrible threat. She speaks
of armies of bandits, hordes of barbarians, and worse organizing to the
west beyond Hooktongue Slough. To date we have had no trouble with
these elements, but this woman is quite convincing. She tells us an army is
marching on Tatzlford. If this is true, we will need your aid in defending
our homes. Please come as soon as you can.
—In good faith, your obedient and humble servant, Mayor Loy Rezbin

The group rallied and raced for Tatzlford with all haste. Upon arriving they met with Mayor Loy Rezbin and met Kisandra after being insulted by Gunnar for being a turncoat and a coward, he after hearing her full name Kisandra Numesti, he realizes that this is the youngest daughter of Lord Terrion Numesti, a knight and aristocrat from Brevoy. A man with a honest, strong and hardworking reputation.

After some questioning, they realize that she is part of the original contingent sent from Brevoy with Hannis Drelev, that was to secure the lands to the west of your kingdom, and had created a barony similar to yours. Her father, until recently, had commanded Fort Drelev’s garrison, until Armag (leader of the Tiger Lord Barbarian Tribes, and Irovetti (Ruler of Pitax) had come knocking of Fort Drelev’s door looking for war. Kisandra, hearing this information from her father tells that Baron Drelev immediately sent riders out with banners of truce to meet them to state that he would join them, turning over rule of the fort to them, as well as giving up information about the holdings and defenses of his fellow countrymen (stagfell and Brevoy). Irovetti was intrigued and accepted the offer, but Armag being a barbarian was not pleased with this answer as he had come for war. So a condition was placed upon Drelev to force loyalty and obeisance of Drelev and his men. It was demanded that Drelev’s settlers hand over five of their daughters as hostages until Drelev himself could prove his loyalty through servitude to Pitax, and to sate the barbarians lust a bit. The daughters would be given to the barbarians for “safe keeping.”

Drelev immediately accepted and forced his senior officers to give up their eldest daughters to the barbarian warlord. All initially refused, but eventually bent knee to the threats of Baron Drelev, accept one, the Lord-Knight Terrion Numesti. So Drelev made an example of him by throwing him in the dungeon and handing his daughter over to the barbarians personally. Drelev assured everyone this was the only way to save everyone’s lives, but the people saw through it for what he really was, a coward and a traitor.

Kisandra explains that the Fort is under martial law. Groups of Pitax thugs, acting as “guards” rule the streets. If someone gets out of line they are just arrested, which is a poor euphemism for “kill and loot.” An evening curfew is in place, where no one is allowed out on the streets. The thugs retire at dusk, and a group of hill giants loyal to Pitax are set free, and anyone found walking the streets or outskirts of town, are free game for the hill giants to do with as they please. Most of the people wish to be freed from this hell, but are to afraid to speak out against the Baron, as we found out quickly that those who do, are not seen again.

She explains she heard “through sources” that the Baron was planning an attack on your kingdom, more than likely in an attempt to impress the barbarians and the Lord of Pitax. A way to “prove his worth”, as it were. I got myself into the members of the guards who were being sent, with the hopes of that when we got close, I could slip away to rush forward to warn you. The people of Drelev Demense do not wish war or harm to befall any of you, and are trapped in hell.

She lets you know that 25 Drelev Troops, 25 Thugs from Pitax, 10 Barbarians and 6 enormous trolls are on their way down the north side of Skunk river, heading south toward Tatzlford, with intent of destroying it and killing all who dwell there.

Her warning is reinforced from a message from a bird sent from a watch tower stating that a large contingent was spotted and heading south toward Tatzlford.

You have the majority of a day to prepare. Defenses and plans are made and enacted so that when the troops arrive a large battle ensues. With your planning, the people and garrison of Tatzlford, and the expertise of your group, you are able to effectively fight through the war and win decisively. Killing the leader Ameon Trask.

You have total exp. You all still need to give out neat and cools.

(2) fire elemental gems
(12) Potions of Cure Moderate Wounds
(7) Potions of Cure Light Wounds
(4) Barkskin Potions
(1) 2 Chainmail
(2) +1 Short Swords
(1) +3 Great Sword
(1) +1 Composite Shortbow (
3 str)
450 gp
Enough weapons and armor to equip 55 people effectively.(1 Build Point if you wish to use it that way.)

Attack on Tatzlford 5/5/13

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