Adventure recap 7/14/13

Game Recap 7/14: The Group Could Not Endure

The game picks up with 7 rounds of prep time while the Demons are clearing the thoughts that drove them from the fight. They return in stealth and attack. A tough fight, but the group prevails. The Hall way is cleared of the demons.

As the dust settles Eiger is on the floor motionless, no life in him. The group lowers their heads (and go out for a smoke), save Liestra, tentantively moving forward, muttering “no”, she speaks to her God, asking that he acknowledge Eigers sacrifices, and to help her in this time of need. She casts “Breath of Life”, her requests are answered, Eiger stirs, on the brink of death, but alive.

They find a place to rest, before entering the door at the end of the hall. “The Test of Prowess.”

“Four massive pillars hold up this large dome-shaped chamber’s
ceiling, which rises to a height of fifty feet. At the room’s center
stands a towering suit of spiked armor.”

Inside the Test of Prowess, is a small dome shaped room, four large columns heading up to the 50’ ceiling. Four large metal vents can be seen in the room, one at each cardinal direction. In the center of the room is a large iron golem, made in the image of Gorum (the God of War) himself. A faint smell of gas is in the air. The group enters, a large gong noise can be heard to count down and the doors slam shut and locking the group inside. A fight ensues, every so often the vents errupt fire igniting the room creating a large fireball, potentially harming the group, but healing and mending the Golem. Quick thinking helps the group and fire buffs are handed out, as well as dismantling the vents preventing them from healing the Golem. Windwalls are placed on the ground reducing the effects of the breath attack, turning the encounter into a melee brawl, where the group is able to defeat their enemy.Two doors leading from the room, neither of them accessible so the group is forced to back track to the “Test of Strength.”

Shimmering Runes in the hallway of the Test of Tactics are a curiosity yet explained.

The Test of Strength is a series of four boulders, each one larger than the next, requiring STRENGTH checks to manuveur them into position in a limited time. With a combination of muscle and magic they are able to complete the test with limited damage. A door at the back of the room opens up to them, “The Test of Endurance”, Astor runs back to check the other doors in the Test of Prowess to see if they are now accessible resulting in the Test of Strength resetting, and forcing the group to perform the test again. Eventually they get into the Test of Endurance.

“Columns of fused iron weapons emerge
from a sheet of iron on the chamber floor.
A single iron wheel protrudes from the floor in
the middle of the room.”

Upon investigation of this large square room, they see that the walls, floor and ceiling are all made of iron. They cautiously enter the room, standing along the edge of the room not getting close to the wheel in the center. The doors slam shut and lock. Someone approaches the wheel and the room flash freezes, foot thick ice covers every surface, and the temperature quickly plummets to -30. Worse yet, the players feel the magic from themselves and their items drain, as the magic in the room is “shut off”. They quickly break the wheel free from the ice and begin to turn the wheel. Three people can fit around it, and begin making strength checks to turn it. Each round the people in the center around the wheel take 2d6 no save cold damage, the people on the outskirts take 1d6. It takes them 10 rounds to turn the wheel (failing a few strength checks.) Engineering rolls are made, and a means to use rope and get the people on the outskirts to assist with turning the wheel helps. People are turning blue, frost bite is setting in, things are becoming increasingly more difficult. (I think this is the place that truly tested the group the most so far, and was the most difficult. I believe a few people were getting close to not making it.) The final turn of the wheel and a large crack is heard as the door leading to the East pops open allowing the group to leave the icebox into a tunnel beyond.

The short 60’ long tunnel has a door at the East end, “The Test of Prowess”, and a door to the north and one to the south. The door to the south reveals an icebox filled with frozen game, and other foods. The door to the north opens up into a large warm and comfortable room, filled by a large central fire, and a ghostly maiden who offers to cook, bring drink and help the group relax. The group moves into the room shutting the door to warm frozen fingers and toes. Meat is put on the fire to be cooked and drinks are brought to a few. Liestra enjoying the warmth looks around, taking in the room, she can’t put her finger on it, but something feels…wrong. She closes her eyes, takes a few deep breaths, then looks again, trying to see what is REALLY there, attempting to look past what may be tricking her eyes. The truth eludes her, a shiver runs through her, and she moves closer to the fire. A knock at the door, the ghostly barmaiden answers returning with a message for Liestra. As Liestra reads, Gunnar looks around the room, reflecting upon the trails of the barrows. Something does not set well with him…This is not how a barbarian would endure….This is not right.

The letter is read, and handed around. A letter and a sack of gold from :
His Supreme and Inimitable Magnificence, Castruccio
Irovetti, by the grace of the gods the rightful King of Pitax, Marvel of
Numeria, Master of Mormouth, and Prince-Regent of the Sellen.
Claiming that he had nothing to do with the attack on Tatzlford, offering gold to help rebuild, and to please not to judge him by rumors or ranting by those who would do him harm.

Grumbling from the group and Gunnar has had enough, “We are leaving!” The door is opened to a warm sunny wind swept hill top. They step outside into the air…“Where are we???” A few rolls are made, and the location is determined to be a days hike NW of the barrow. The group leaves the small lonely hut just to watch it fade with the morning sunlight. Gunnar growls to himself and anyone near by, “We did not endure.” They make the day long hike back to the barrow, wondering how or what this will mean in regards to the tests. Will they have to go through the challenges again???



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