Adventure recap 6/30/13

game recap 6/30:

after reconing the Barbarian camp the group decides that a flanking diversion would be best. Gunnar and Eiger, aka battle bros inc , decide to become the diversion and take the flank. fanatical followers they maybe, but these are not fighters and the group quickly cuts them down. the ease with which this was done causes some of the members of the group to wonder if they are in the right spot. they released a prisoner’s to ride for town, so that they may press there advantage. they enter into the borrow mound and shortly come to the first room. Inside they are set up on by two women and their demon pets. Stat damage sucks becomes the groups new mantra. Why are preistess of gyronna here?

the group searches around a little, gunnar and eiger avoid falling into a pit trap by turning into birds. 3 doors are discovered: the test of strength, the test of tactics, and the test of agility. I was surprised with the group chose the test of tactics.

inside is a long hallway, dark and filled with webs, magical fog fills the air making it hard to see, and strange sigils mark the walls giving the names of long dead warriors. the clicking of movement can be heard echoing down the hallway. Enfeebling swarms of insects surround the group, and now they are fighting for their lives. will they be able to hold out?



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